Fergerson funeral home drawing of building - Funeral Service in North Syracuse, NY
line drawing in Fergerson building - Funeral Service in North Syracuse, NY
The above headline is from a cover story in Syracuse Post-Standard Neighbors North Section on August 11, 1988. It told of how the Fergerson family has kept track of its ancestors. Normally not an easy task, the Fergerson story is unique because the family has lived on the same North Syracuse land for six generations.

As one of the pioneering families of the area and having a rich history, the Fergerson's hold a deep appreciation for the community. The family actively participates in charting North Syracuse's future growth and development. Alfred E. Fergerson was named North Syracuse's "1992 Man of the ... Read more
In May 1993 Fred was named North Syracuse's "Man of The Year" by the Greater North Syracuse Chamber of Commerce and the Star-News. Pat Fergerson was honored similarly as the 1995 "Woman of the Year". This recognition was given to each of them for their "lifetime commitment" to community service and volunteer work.

It was at Alfred C. Fergerson's home on South Main Street where the family funeral business began. However, it was his son and daughter-in-law, Alfred H. and Myrna B. Fergerson, who founded the firm in 1948. The original location - now an historic landmark - is one of two casket selection facilities the family uses (the other is in the funeral home). The business has passed to another generation headed by Alfred E. and his wife Patricia H. Fergerson who make their home in this landmark building. Fred and Pat often give tours of their historic home.

Still operating on the original Fergerson land in the center of the village, Fred, Pat and Bill take great pride in providing a valuable family funeral service in a pleasant home-like setting.

The Fergerson story is unique because the family has lived on the same North Syracuse land for more than six generations. They were among the first settlers in North Syracuse in 1826. Their funeral home and business are on the same family land the Fergersons have held for over 180 years. Their properties were developed into Fergerson Park, Fergerson Avenue, Fergerson Road, and others in the North Syracuse-Cicero area.

The Fergerson home took over two years to build. The newer rear addition was completed in 1989. It is the home of Fred, Pat, Bill and Vicky Fergerson. The house was a wedding gift from Fred's great-grandfather to Fred's grandparent's Mr. & Mrs. Alfred C. Fergerson. This is a picture of the newlyweds on their new porch in 1908.

This picture was taken during the period when Main Street was known as the Plank Road. The child in the picture was born in 1911. The house changed over the years and at one time was a tourist home during the depression (1930's).Here's another view with a picture of one of the first cars in North Syracuse. Fred's grandfather was behind the steering wheel of the period Cadillac. This picture was a post card in the early 1900's.This picture is of the house in 1939 when teachers from the school next-door roomed with the Fergersons. The awnings were installed for Fred's aunt's wedding that year. During World War II the awnings were replaced by the Flag of the United States.